Trademarks of Rieber & Son Russia Production have first of all quality and status, «quality» is the key word for each of us and it is very important for our work. Mostly, we achieve the quality by the following means:

  • for its production Riber uses only imported raw materials of high quality:
    • Paysha Argentinean peanuts and Chinese peanuts — the only sort certified in Europe;
    • Pistachio from Iran and California (USA) the best according to eating qualities;
    • Indian nuts cashew have the most specific flavor for cashew;
  • Raw materials as well as finished products are tested at the laboratory;
  • The most advanced equipment and technologies are used at the production:
    • three-layer metalized film provides the package with necessary durability and air-tightness;
    • protective medium used at the product package prevents its oxidation and allows to preserve its eating qualities for a long time.

We work with leading world-famous companies for quality nuts raw material and package supply. We can proudly say that we are a manufacturer of nuts range providing guaranteed expiry date in the package one year, manufacturing process allows us to be sure that it will be fresh for a long time.

Rieber & Son Russia Production is one of the first manufacturers obtained an official permit from Commission within Department of Consumer’s Market and Services of the city of Moscow for production labeling with Free of GMO! mark (Protocol No.2 dated 30.08.2007).

Rieber & Son Russia Production presents products under the following trademarks at the Russian market:

CHAKAisthe mark meeting the highest quality standards, familiar to the Russian customers as the one having wide range of quality nuts:

  • peanuts fried by dry air or fried with salt and vegetable oil,
  • pistachio,
  • cashew, hazel-nut, almond,
  • cocktails from nuts and fruit,
  • sweet and salt mixes,in-shell nuts.

    CHAKA DRIED FRUITis a line of CHAKA products meeting the highest quality standards, only the most tasty and selected dried fruit:

    • apricots halves,
    • raisins,
    • cocktails.

      CHAKA DRAGEEis a line of CHAKA products,nuts and fruit in chocolate glaze:

      • peanuts,
      • almond,
      • hazel-nut,
      • raisins,
      • cherry,
      • cashew,
      • sunflower seeds,
      • chocolate cocktail.

        EMarkois affordable mark for all social segments of people, especially famous in Moscow and Moscow Region. There is a dedicated sales channel of Emarko products export (production of quality nuts and package: peanuts fried by dry air or fried with salt and vegetable oil, pistachio, cashew, light salty snacks, potato chips, salty sticks, baked black breads, etc.)

        ZHIKOis the mostly affordable trademark for people with small income level, very popular in all Russian regions. Certification and package standards are met to the same degree as at two previous brands.

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